No matter where you look up the Lumé Swimwear brand, you will find the three most precious words that our designer and creator, Paula Daza-Chenu, is most passionate about: fashion, art, and giving back.

Her dream as a young girl was to find a way to work with all three, and after 15 years in the fashion industry, she has finally put that dream into action by creating Lumé Swimwear a 100% ethical fashion brand.

Each season, Daza-Chenu joins collaborates with internationally renowned artists by using their artwork as the prints for our collections, and creates the most luxurious and unique swimwear and beachwear.  The results pay homage to the brilliant pallets and rich colors that appear on their canvases. Each season offers a new exhibit of wearable art

Colombia is where Daza-Chenu was born, and the country where we manufacture our goods. She has witnessed the needs of families and she wanted to give back to those communities through her work. Lumé donates 10% percent of all its proceeds to organizations in Colombia that help underprivileged communities. Our company also believes wholeheartedly in FairTrade and pays the hard working people who manufacture our products a fair price so they can support themselves and their families.

Lumé’s luxurious swimsuits are crafted from the finest fabrics and natural materials, and each piece carries the phrase: “Lumé-nate yourself and the world around you.”

We maintain the highest standards in the manufacturing of our products. Absolutely no water is used in the printing of our products and all of our packaging utilizes recycled plastics and other recyclables wherever possible, meaning we operate in an environmentally conscience way.

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Lumé Swimwear